What is Dependency Injection?

What is it?

Dependency Injection is a technique where an object provides the dependencies of another object. The dependency is an object that can then be used. The injection is the passing of a dependency to an object that is dependent upon it.

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Basics of Unit Testing

What is Unit Testing?

Unit testing is a way of testing software where individual pieces of a system are tested. The purpose of unit testing is to validate that each individual piece operates as designed. A unit should be the smallest testable part of a system. Usually a unit will have very few inputs and outputs.

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Comparison of AngularJS and ReactJS


ReactJS is a tool that was created and maintained by Facebook. They use it in many of their own projects and it has been around since about mid-2013. It’s a very popular and fairly mature project with roughly 65,000 stars on GitHub as of April 2017.

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Overview of SOLID Principles

What is SOLID?

These 5 principles stand for the 5 basic principles of object-oriented programming and design. The intention is that these principles will make it more likely that we will create systems that are easier to maintain and extend. The SOLID acronym stands for:

  • S - Single Responsibility principle
  • O - Open/Closed principle
  • L - Liskov Substitution principle
  • I - Interface segregation principle
  • D - Dependency inversion principle
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Top 9 Qualities of Clean Code

  • Bad code does too much – Clean code is focused
  • The language you wrote your code with should look like it was made for the problem
  • It should not be redundant
  • Reading your code should be pleasant
  • Can be easily extended by any other developer
  • It should have minimal dependencies
  • Smaller is better
  • It should have unit and acceptance tests
  • It should be expressive
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Bucket Sort Algorithm In Javascript

Bucket (bin) sort is a sorting algorithm that parts an array into buckets. Each of these are sorted recursively with the bucket sorting algorithm. The basic procedure of Bucket Sort is:

  1. Create an empty array
  2. Loop through the original array and put each object in a “bucket”
  3. Sort each of the non-empty buckets
  4. Check the buckets in order and then put all objects back into the original array
var array = [2, 4, 1, 5, 3];

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Bubble Sort Algorithm In Javascript

Bubble Sort is a very simple sorting algorithm. It works by stepping through a list to be sorted repeatedly while comparing each pair of coinsiding items and switching them if they are ordered incorrectly. This is a useful algorithm for doing simple comparisons in lists, but there are much more efficient algorithms for larger lists.

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Explanation Of How Git Works

Git is a distributed version control and source code management system. It was created originally by Linus Torvalds, who also had developed the original Linux kernel. Git is one of the most popular version control systems in use today.

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Functional Programming In Javascript

Procedural programming is where you define a procedure to solve a problem. Functional (aka declarative) programming is distinct from this in that you describe the “what” of the problem. With functional programming the results depend upon only the inputs and not on the program state. JavaScript is actually a multi-paradigm language, because it supports object-oriented, imperative, and functional programming styles.

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