What Is The Best Music To Listen To While Programming

Over the years I’ve found that one of the best ways to really focus and increase your productivity is to listen to good music. I’ve experimented with a lot of different music genres, types, and volumes. So far I haven’t really found anything that keeps me consistently focused at the level that I’d like. However, I have found quite a few good sources of music that have helped me focus on my work. Check out my list at the bottom of this post. I’m still constantly searching for better things to listen to though. Lately I’ve also been trying to listen to a bit of classical music to see if that helps (Bach, Mozart, etc.)

  • SomaFM: Groove Salad - This has a bit more beat than I can handle for intense focusing, but still good.
  • SomaFM: Space Station - So far this one is my favorite for casual programming where I don't necessarily need to be intensely focused.
  • SomaFM: Drone Zone - This station is the absolute best so far if I need to focus intensely.
  • Pandora: Ambient radio - I've just begun listening to this, so far it seems really good and relaxing.
  • Classical music, e.g. Mozart, Bach, etc. - This type of music seems to be good once in awhile, but it's definitely not my "go to" source.
Written on January 3, 2011