The Multi Core Myth

A multi-core CPU is not always a better performer than a single-core CPU. This fact depends upon many different factors, including the task at hand, the architecture of the CPU, etc. The following article provides a good bit of information on the factors surrounding this fact in detail. Check out the excerpt below or check out the full article here (

…. The thing is, time and time again I see people recommending a CPU with more cores for applications that require more threads. As Johan de Gelas points out in the aforementioned article, it is not that simple. Although the Bulldozer-based Opterons have 16 cores, they often have trouble keeping up with the older 12 core Magny Cours-based Opterons.

Now, it seems there is a common misconception. Perhaps it is because the younger generations have grown up with multi-core processors only. At any rate, let me point out the following:

In order to use multiple cores at the same time, multiple threads are required. The inverse is not true!

That is: a single core is not limited to running a single thread. ….

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Written on October 11, 2012