How Do You Define A Real Programmer

How do you define a ‘real’ programmer? Most people look for the typical attributes: ability, experience, dedication, etc. I recently came across this article which contains an in depth discussion on what defines a ‘real’ programmer and what we should really be looking for. In short, a programmer is a person who is able to look at all possible solutions and pick the best one for the situation at hand. In addition, a ‘real’ programmer will never stop learning. Throughout your programming ‘career’ you should continue to learn new ideas, methods, languages, etc. However, you will never know every possible solution to a problem, this is impossible. However, a ‘real’ programmer shouldn’t be looked down upon for using something such as Google to look for an answer. This shows that a programmer is capable of learning and adapting to complete a complex task. It can be a good thing if a programmer can quickly find out how to do something without bothering other programmers. For a more in depth discussion on this topic check out the full article: Will the really real programmers please stand up? (

Written on November 20, 2010