How Computers Boot Up

Here is a somewhat lengthy but very good in-depth description of how an x86 machine boots up from the point you hit the power button until the operating system kernel initializes.

Things start rolling when you press the power button on the computer (no! do tell!). Once the motherboard is powered up it initializes its own firmware – the chipset and other tidbits – and tries to get the CPU running. If things fail at this point (e.g., the CPU is busted or missing) then you will likely have a system that looks completely dead except for rotating fans. A few motherboards manage to emit beeps for an absent or faulty CPU, but the zombie-with-fans state is the most common scenario based on my experience. Sometimes USB or other devices can cause this to happen: unplugging all non-essential devices is a possible cure for a system that was working and suddenly appears dead like this. You can then single out the culprit device by elimination. If all is well the CPU starts running….. (continued in the article linked below)”

How Computers Boot Up (

Written on January 12, 2013