Finally Duke Nukem Forever Is Here

Finally! After 14 years of waiting I have an actual copy of Duke Nukem Forever!!! It’s hard to believe that it has finally been released…

I’ve read both positive and negative reviews of the game and I don’t care either way because it’s impressive that Gearbox Software was able to pull the game together after the disbandment and death (almost) of 3D Realms. On the note of the negative reviews out there… Duke Nukem games aren’t intended to be the most serious games out there. Its meant to provide entertainment and be fun, it’s just a video game - one that has a 14 year long legacy, which means there will obviously be some ancient design decisions/elements and such. I grew up with Duke Nukem 3D and will thoroughly enjoy Duke Nukem Forever. It’s rare for a first person shooter to have a character with a personality, especially one as series-defining as Duke Nukem.

Written on June 14, 2011