Automatic Staged Compilation

Here is a paper I recently came across which was posted on The paper is titled: Automatic Staged Compilation (2005). It’s a dissertation written by Matthai Philipose of the University of Washington. It seems like an interesting concept. I wonder if we’ll see any real implementations in the near future? Here is an except from the paper:

The past few years have seen the emergence of staged optimization, which produces run-time optimizations that often have much lower run-time overhead than traditional optimizers, yet do not sacrifice any of their functionality. The key to the technique is a method, called staging, to transfer optimization overhead to static compile time from run time. Unfortunately, developing staged variants of individual optimizations has been highly specialized, labor-intensive work; staging pipelines of optimizations even more so.

This dissertation presents a system called the Staged Compilation Framework (SCF), which automatically stages entire pipelines of compiler optimizations at arguably little additional engineering cost beyond building the slower traditional version of the pipeline. SCF harnesses two powerful but traditionally difficult-to-use techniques, partial evaluation and dead-store elimination, to achieve staging. An implementation of SCF shows that staged compilation can speed up pipelines of classical compiler optimizations by up to an order of magnitude, and more commonly by a factor of 4.5 to 5 ….

Automatic Staged Compilation (2005 - Matthai Philipose)

Written on November 29, 2010