A Coders Guide To Coffee

As most software and creative professionals know, coffee is an important technology for boosting mental acuity and maintaining peak on-the-job performance. But did you also know that coffee can be a damn tasty beverage? It’s true. All you need is the appropriate amount of disrespect for the mainstream coffee industry and a desire to enjoy a better beverage. So read on, and learn the secrets to great coffee.

First things first. Mainstream coffee sucks, and specialty coffee mostly sucks. Mainstream coffee is primarily stale, low-quality, high-yield beans, many times cheap robustas, foisted on a largely unknowing public in supermarkets nationwide. Specialty coffee isn’t so much coffee as it is flavorings, sweeteners, and milk; what coffee is sold is often neither “special” nor properly prepared – it’s usually over-roasted to serve as a background for sweet flavorings. A few specialty coffee purveyors, however, do sell good coffee, and I’ll show you how to find them, but most are happy to sell you stale beans whose dead taste is hidden behind raspberry and caramel syrups. Buyer beware.

Nevertheless, good coffee is good – great even – all by itself. It’s also dirt cheap and easy to make. Therefore, don’t settle for a cup of crappy coffee: make a cup of the good stuff for yourself…” (source: A Coder’s Guide to Coffee )

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Written on January 3, 2012