12 New Years Resolutions For Programmers

“Go analog. (e.g. cooking, hiking, astronomy, etc.) Stay healthy. (e.g. weight loss, RSI, etc.) Embrace the uncomfortable. (e.g. stop using a mouse, use Dvorak, try a different OS, etc.) Learn a new programming language. (e.g. scala, erlang, haskell, OCaml, Prolog, etc.) Automate. (build a robot, lego mindstorms, arduino boards, shell scripting, etc.) Learn more mathematics. Focus on security. (e.g. use KeePassX, PasswordSafe, set up SSL in Apache, encrypt your USB drives, etc.) Back up your data. Learn more theory. Engage the arts and humanities. (e.g. Painting, sketching, music, film, etc.) Learn new software. (e.g. try 3D modeling, use LaTeX, etc.) Complete a personal project.”

Read on for more suggestions: 12 resolutions for programmers (matt.might.net)

Written on January 4, 2012