10 Papers Every Programmer Should Read

  1. On the criteria to be used in decomposing systems into modules – David Parnas
  2. A Note On Distributed Computing – Jim Waldo, Geoff Wyant, Ann Wollrath, Sam Kendall
  3. The Next 700 Programming Languages – P. J. Landin
  4. Can Programming Be Liberated from the von Neumann Style? – John Backus
  5. Reflections on Trusting Trust – Ken Thompson
  6. Lisp: Good News, Bad News, How to Win Big – Richard Gabriel
  7. An experimental evaluation of the assumption of independence in multiversion programming – John Knight and Nancy Leveson
  8. Arguments and Results – James Noble
  9. A Laboratory For Teaching Object-Oriented Thinking – Kent Beck, Ward Cunningham
  10. Programming as an Experience: the inspiration for Self – David Ungar, Randall B. Smith

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Written on February 22, 2012